Gibraltar MMA Club

Get fit, have fun, lose weight and learn new skills with our MMA classes in Gibraltar for all levels. We run split MMA classes that focus on the different elements that make up MMA. In each class we split the people into the different abilities and experience, so beginners get trained separately from the more advanced fighters.

We start off each class with a warm up that normally consists of light jogging and movement exercises then move to some teaching points such as striking combinations, ground work or take downs. For those who feel comfortable, we move to light sparring, using what we have learnt in that Class and finish up with some stretching.

The atmosphere in our MMA Club in Gibraltar is very friendly and we do not tolerate any bullying or excessive aggression. So why not give a class a try?

We hold MMA classes in Gibraltar on Monday and Wednesday 8pm - 9pm at Ocean Village Health Club so why not come down for a chat and see how we can help you?