Timetable & Costs for MMA




    Monday Wednesday  
    8pm - 9pm 8pm - 9pm  
    Beginners & Beginners &  
    Advanced MMA Advanced MMA  
    @ Ocean Village Gym @ Ocean Village Gym  


    The cost to train MMA is £5 pounds per session

    We train mainly Kickboxing on Monday at 8pm - 9pm - at Ocean Village Gym

    We train mainly BJJ and Wrestling on Wednesday at 8pm - 9.30pm at Ocean Village Gym


    Please message us via our facebook page to confirm availability of space in the class - click here


    What to wear:

    To train with us, we recommend you wear shorts (no zips please) and a t-shirt or rash guard to start with then after a while you will also need a mouth guard, groin guard, mma gloves (or boxing gloves) and shin pads but you can borrow a pair of the club’s training gloves for your first few lessons while you decide if training MMA with us, is for you. Please also bring a drink (e.g. water or a sports nutrition drink) and a towel because you are certain to sweat!